These bolts are intended for structural connections. ASTM A325 specifications are manufactured in the diameters ranging from ½” to 1-1/2”. A325 structural bolts have two different types, Type 1 and Type 3. Similar ASTM Specifications are: A449 and A325.

Type 1:
Medium Carbon, Carbon Boron, or Medium Carbon Alloy Steel
Type 3:  Weathering Steel

Recommended Nuts:
Type 1 Plain:
A563-DH, DH3 (Plain) 
Type 1 Coated to F1136 Grade 3:
A563-DH – F1139 Grade 5 
Type 3 Plain:
A563-DH3 (Plain)
*Please note that a suitable nut for an A325 Type 1 is an A194 Grade 2H 

Recommended Washers:
Type 1 Plain:
F436 (Plain) 
Type 1 Coated to F1136 Grade 3:
F436 – F1136 Grade 3 
Type 3 Plain:
F436 Type 3 (Plain)