We ‘point’ all of our manufactured bolts with our Stud Master Pointer! It’ a simple process, but also one of the most important processes!

We do this for many reasons but to name a few:
• It removes sharp edges after being sheared or cut on with the saw – reducing the chance of injury
• Allows the nuts to start easily making for faster installation
• Improves the quality for our threads
• ‘Cause we can! Smaller manufacturers or distributors sometimes lack the equipment to do this process.

•45 degree chamfering “Pointing”  3/8 ” to 3” diameter
•Cone Point  1/2” to 7/8” diameter
•Chisel Point 1/2 ” to 3/4” diameter

Common Products for Pointing:
•A193 B7 Studs
• Threaded Rod
• Lag Bolts
• Barrier Pins
• Anchor Bolts
• Rebar Pins
• Drift Pins