The Golden Ears Bridge is a six-lane cable stay bridge spanning the Fraser River in British Columbia. It connects the Fraser Valley to the Lower Mainland.

Pacific Bolt worked with the contractor to manage and supply over 600,000lbs of A490 Type 3 structural bolts for the main structure of the bridge. As well as supplying all the structural hardware required for this project, Pacific Bolt also supplied all the signage, streetlight anchor bolts and guardrail hardware.

With our ability to manufacture anchor bolts (specifically for this project the A490 and A325) and our close relationship with our master distributor partners, Pacific Bolt was able to supply almost every bolt required for this project.  By being a “one-stop-shop” for the contractor meant that they were able to install 5 meters of new bridge each day!

Plus, the contractor knew they had a supplier that could deal with emergencies and react to changes in design or scheduling in a fast and efficient manner.