Filming at Pacific Bolt

Commercial for Blue Cross Health Insurance
Over the years Pacific Bolt has been involved projects that do not involve fasteners including some for BC’s Film Industry.  One of our more memorable projects was a Blue Cross Commercial that filmed over a 14 hour period in 2009. The goal of the commercial was to show the importance of insurance.  Although they made it look like we run an unsafe operation, it was all part of the “magic of film” as we take great pride in running a safe operation. If you want to know more about this project or other filming please feel free to give us a call.

Cigna Commercial – Staring Pacific Bolt Staff
In September 2014, Pacific Bolt was once again transformed into a Hollywood film lot. With our factory look and the willingness of our staff to participate, the Cigna Commercial for the US market was a great success! Two of our staff members have leading roles in the advertisement! Jeremy, our afternoon manager, is running the surface grinder and Dwayne, the lead hand of our threading department, is the welder. You’ll also notice that everyone wearing Pacific Bolt coveralls.